Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mother, Seeker, Shining, Dark

'Mother, Seeker, Shining, Dark (Self-portrait)
4.5" x 6.5"
Brass, artist's hair, resin, acrylic, copper
I thought I would do a self-portrait for a contest. Self-portraits are difficult, and bizarre... is there anything that would seem more self-absorbed than an artist creating a self-portrait? Anyway, here is my attempt: a different approach to your standard 'here is my face' take.

And here is what I wrote about it:

"This sculpture consists of a vessel, like a psyche, with a vector and a shining edge. It is lined with the artist's braided hair. The amulet-like contents, each representing a force or a personal state, nestle within, except Seeker, who is always reaching. Mother is central, nurturing and rock-like. Shining is joy and energy, Dark is shapeless and still. These are all totemish creatures. The artist has them cupped and cosy."

Here is the competition: