Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Sky and Clothespins"

Acrylic and 22K gold leaf on beechwood panel, 16x12"

She is calm and confident, and eco-conscious. Post-afternoon-delight, he is just leaving the frame, and she is OK with that; she is bringing in the blanket they lay upon. This is an exploration of media and composition, celebrating femininity, the outdoors, and practicality.


"Fencepost Man"

Sculpture, found objects, 30"h

"Fencepost Man" is made from the remains of a cedar fencepost, with electric fence insulators and copper wire. He is very happy to be a man. Yay!


48" x 12"
Salvaged mirror, metallic and acrylic paint on masonite

"Underneath" explores the mixed feelings many of us experience as we contemplate our naked bodies and our sexuality. Initially, we see the surface: the reflection in the mirror. But there is another layer beneath that unstable plane, shadowed by its fragments: the self-image which is vulnerable and uncertain. Hopefully, we can also see the beauty there.