Thursday, January 21, 2010


Temple, sculpture, 24"h

The "In the City" show (Arbor Gallery), from my statement:

I am firmly rooted in a rural way of life, and my take on 'City' is tinged with apprehension, awe, and a touch of cynicism. I appreciate the beauty that can be found there, but I am uncomfortable with some of the forces behind the pulses and the monuments of urban life.
These sculptures acknowledge the discovery of the hidden treasures within 'City', and the adulation of the flawed, decaying deity called capitalism, and the toxic marring of the Earth's surface by the industry of these seething colonies of humanity.
 They are not meant as a judgement, but as an observation of things that are quietly present while we tour 'City' seeking shiny, colourful, tasty things.


  1. Hi Erica,
    What is Temple made of? It looks really cool. I really like Industrial Park too- very inventive, and a wry commentary on the modern, industrial landscape. The lines on City are beautiful. Why don't you take some close up "detail" shots and post 'em? Your fans want more...

    Bonne chance, mon amie.

  2. It is copper leaf on resin on HDU; acrylic paint, MDF base. I didn't take more pics as my camera batteries went pffffft... will remedy soon!