Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Still" - a progression

I suppose it appears here as a 'regression' - but you get the idea.

The blue horse started as the original non-conformist, bucking the flow, serenely and securely... it has evolved into the otherworldly image of a departed friend who has peacefully 'stopped', while the flux and flow of this life continues on.

Organic 5 - Appleseeds

Gilding on resin on wood, with found objects. Yup, there are actual appleseeds at the centre of each 'apple'. The board with the holes in it is from an old pipe organ.

Last Cow Out

This piece features a tiny oil painting (approx. business-card size) framed by the mortise in a chunk of beam from our old barn. The barn once housed a modest dairy herd, but like so many small family farms, it does so no more.